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Kids Say the Darndest Things to Santa Claus- Don Kennedy

Written by Josh Soule for Reader's Favorite

“Santa has to provide hope, encouragement, comfort, and good cheer for these special families in need.”

Don Kennedy shares his tale of how he came to be Santa Claus, and some of the interesting experiences with children he encountered along with way. No, this isn’t fiction, but when Kennedy’s friend, who regularly performed as Santa, came down with a virus, Kennedy had no choice but to step in and take over the responsibility. With the first experience including some challenging questions, blunt comments from children, and even a little vomit, Kennedy found he was a bit more passionate about the role than he thought. From military bases to shelters to hospitals and homes, Santa works his magic with families who needed a bit of Christmas the most.

If you read Kids Say the Darndest Things to Santa Claus, I can assure you of three things; you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll remember what the spirit of Christmas is all about. With hilarious comments from children such as, “Oh, and if you need help eating all of the cookies that you get, then I’m your man”, you’ll be sure to laugh out loud as you read. Author Don Kennedy takes it a step further than just a humorous collection of stories and shares the tragic honesty of children experiencing hardship. From reuniting kids with a deployed parent to being asked to deliver a letter to heaven, Kennedy reminds us of what Christmas really means. I found myself touched and inspired to do more this holiday season, and I am grateful to Don Kennedy for sharing Kids Say the Darndest Things to Santa Claus with the world.

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