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The Commander - Dan Hendrickson

5/5 Stars

Jacob Edwards has seized his new role in command of the First Responder for the United States Coast Guard as part of his new and well-earned promotion. Shortly after the newly refurbished vessel takes to sea, Edwards is put to the test in a barrage of troublesome events that may prove too much for even Commander Edwards to overcome. Heated acts of international terrorism, blackmail, and drug-fueled aggression not only put Edwards in danger of losing his life but also bring trust and loyalty into question. It’s a dangerous game, and the outcome may be death, but certainly not glory.

Dan E. Hendrickson has done it again; The Commander is a well-crafted piece full of action, suspense, and undertones of family, friendship, loyalty, and doing what is right when that’s not always so clear. I was impressed with the clear amount of knowledge and research that Hendrickson has clearly put into The Commander. I compare Hendrickson’s writing with that of Tom Clancy; a descriptive and engaging military masterpiece. Immediately from the first chapter, Hendrickson pulled me in with tense action, then I built relationships with the characters as I got to know them, then I pored through the book to discover how everything plays out. Suspenseful action is complemented by well-structured characters and a fine-tuned plot. A quality read for any action-thriller lover.


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