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The Cost of Justice - by Michael Skeen

5/5 Stars

Reviewed by Joshua Soule for Readers' Favorite

The Cost of Justice takes place during the presidency of TJ Samuels, who struggles to make the right decisions through indescribably difficult times. The United States is engaged in World War III, and Emperor Vladimir Lenoidivic of Russia has proven to be a formidable and terrifying tyrant who is comparable to Joseph Stalin according to one general. Concurrently, the United States is riddled with protests, vandalism, extreme violence, and even assassination attempts against the President. Though the domestic threats on the surface seem to be internal, they could also be a clever strategy from Vladimir to weaken the country from the inside. President Samuels fervently prays and studies scripture prior to seeking the counsel of his trusted and loyal advisors, which provide him with guidance in this time of war of biblical proportions. As Russian troops fight to seize control of Israel on top of already occupied land, attacks against the US become much more brazen, threatening nuclear war and global Russian domination. President Samuels works to stop the Russian threat by use of impeccable military strategy and secret operatives, while simultaneously fighting to protect the country internally, help the public recover from devastating earthquakes, and continue to be a loyal and loving husband. As the war appears to decline, Samuels must question to what degree he can trust the apparent diplomacy and peace talks from the Russian leadership.

Michael Skeen has clearly brought a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and research into writing The Cost of Justice, which stems from his vast military and law enforcement experience. Skeen’s detail and accuracy in regard to weapons, military craft, and military strategy are enjoyable components, to say the least. The Cost of Justice grabbed my attention from page one and did not let go until the very last page. The characters are realistic and I formed bonds with them as I read, leaving me both fascinated and emotionally attached to the plot. The Cost of Justice made me think, wonder, and reevaluate aspects of my own personal life. TJ Samuels is a character with intelligence, a sharp mind, compassion, and religious devotion. The Cost of Justice powerfully illustrates a message from Skeen about what could happen if people are not willing to change, focus on what is important in life, and the power of prayer. Overall, an excellent novel by Michael Skeen.


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