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A college student has a strained relationship with his mother and ex-girlfriend. When he sees his ex and best friend together at a Halloween Mixer, he becomes enraged.
Things turn when a mysterious, puppet-themed student attacks the couple, leaving the protagonist seemingly to blame.
Things escalate quickly, and the narrator soon finds himself framed for murder at the hands of the "Puppet Man".
He decides to go on the run, and finds himself in the company of misfits and criminals while seemingly being stalked by the killer. He believes the criminal overseer may be an opportunity to clear his name and prove his innocence before he winds up in jail, or worse.



Three childhood friends reunite as adults. When local livestock is being brutally attacked, the three friends must face the possibility that the legends from their childhood of something evil lurking in the nearby woods may be true.

Together, the enter the woods to lay to rest the legends that haunted them for so long.

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Finding Carson


Finding Carson follows the journey of a retired detective, who fights to find a missing girl when nobody else will.

Each step closer to finding Carson only reminds Detective Mark John of his own mortality, and his struggles as a husband, father, and detective.




4/5 Stars

“Once in every generation, a monster awakens.” In The Monster by Josh Soule, a college student is having a rocky relationship with his mother, still pining for his ex-girlfriend, and feels betrayed by his friend when he sees them together at a Halloween mixer. When a stranger - who is dressed as a puppet - hurts the couple, the protagonist is framed for the aggression, which is the beginning of his series of misfortunes. The nameless protagonist, who’s also the narrator, considered himself unlucky compared to others; a ‘disease’ where bad things often happen to him. The one he dubbed the ‘Puppet Man’ is the biggest ill luck he has ever encountered, and trying to solve his problem by running away made me question his decision more than once. 

Soule’s short novel seemed to be a slow burn at first, but things start to escalate for the character pretty quickly. One of the characters, Professor Jackson, says this to the protagonist, “The decisions you make today set the path for tomorrow.” He finds it “oddly comforting and soothing”. There are similar quotes with the same meaning but I find Jackson’s is more straightforward and better worded. As a reader, it had a profound motivating effect on me as well.

From start to finish, I was emotionally invested in the story and the characters. The Monster is probably the perfect epitome of someone being in the wrong place and at the wrong time. However, this intriguing psychological crime drama has a twist in the end. Overall, this is a solid debut from Josh Soule.

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