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Reader's Favorite Award


The Reader's Favorite award accepts all books, manuscripts, and even audiobooks. 
For more information, please click the image above, and sign up today to get your book recognized with the award it deserves!

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How to Crush your Next Interview

"How to Crush your Next Interview" by D.M. Lyon provides a much-needed service. After a humble introduction, in which Lyon briefly...

The Commander - Dan Hendrickson

5/5 Stars Jacob Edwards has seized his new role in command of the First Responder for the United States Coast Guard as part of his new...

Scotched Nation - Andrew Scott

Journalist Willie Morton has made an intriguing discovery that he looks remarkably like Phillip Gallimont, a member of GB13, a discrete...

Skids by Jeremy Houghton

Written by Josh Soule for Reader’s Favorite “The choice of this hell was a lot better than the hell we’d come from.” Skids is the story of...


“And you know I hate to leave it, There’s a beautiful world out there. Waiting for you.” Verses, written by Jewel Caston-Mendoza, is an...

Divorced but Still Dad-Ken Gordon

5/5 Stars Reviewed by Joshua Soule for Readers' Favorite “You may be devastated by divorce because of bad character traits displayed by...

Ragged Island by Darcy Scott

Written by Josh Soule for Reader's Favorite “I once told Tiffany that if she were a tree she’d be a sequoia, emblem of tenacity and...

The Jew - by Dominik Poleski

4/5 Stars Reviewed by Josh Soule for Reader’s Favorite “The world changes in front of my eyes, time seems to pick up pace with every day,...

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