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Arianna and the Spirit of the Storm & Chrysalis and the Fire of the Forg

Arianna and the Spirit of the Storm

“If you are reading this, it means I am dead, and it is your turn to carry on my mission. I’m sure it will take you days to go through everything, but in brief, here is what you need to know. First, the legend of the storm relics is true.”

At age 15, Arianna’s world is turned upside down by the death of her father. She is left to carry on his mission, solving who is behind the strange drought that started the day she was born. Arianna is a fierce protagonist, who is dedicated to seeing this mission through to the end. Her adventure takes her to many wondrous places and colorful characters that create an exciting, and magical fantasy tale.

Authors, Robbie Ballew, and Stephen Landry have created an in-depth magical world that envelopes the reader in its borders. The characters are exceptionally built, Ballew and Landry have written the characters to life in Arianna and the Spirit of the Storm. Highly recommended for teen readers, Arianna and the Spirit of the Storm is a story that will stick with you long after the final page.

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Chrysalis and the Fire of the Forge

“This was not at all how I had imagined my wedding day would be.”

Book 2 in the Temple of the Storm series, Chrysalis and the Fire of the Forge is a deeply written teen fantasy novel by authors Robbie Ballew and Stephen Landry. After the events of the previous book, Chrysalis and Chass are ready for the wedding of the ages. Never before have a faun and elf married, but the uniqueness of the ceremony only sets precedent for the rest of their lives. Instead of enjoying a peaceful honeymoon, Chrysalis is forced to embark on a perilous journey to find the brutes that have kidnapped her beloved Chass. Her journey is one of discovery, bravery, and wonder as the perils of the situation become more clear.

Ballew and Landry expertly craft a tale of magic and discovery that will keep you turning pages until the end. The characters are real and authentic, it is easy to become emotionally invested in the story. Chrysalis and the Fire of the Forge is an exhilarating tale that is filled with action and adventure, magic, excitement, and a bit of emotion--the perfect tale for youthful readers looking to escape to a magical land and get lost in its many wonders. A truly great story.

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