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How to Crush your Next Interview

"How to Crush your Next Interview" by D.M. Lyon provides a much-needed service. After a humble introduction, in which Lyon briefly explains his work experience and skills with guiding family through the job interview journey, he dives into the system that has served him well in the application and interview process. From how to write an effective resume, to doing research, how to dress, common interview questions and more -this but succinctly provides you with a training that is lacking for most people. It makes the perfect gift for your student, graduate, or anyone else who is looking to find employment or further their career.Lyon writes with the expertise of a business professor, but in an understandable, layman context that I can only describe as fatherly advice. Our company has worked with professionals to teach classes on the same material that Lyon has expertly provided. To put it plainly, if you want the job, you need to read Lyon's book! "How to Crush your Next Interview" will deliver what it promises; you will be better equipped, and more confident to get the position you are passionate about. - The Lost Chapter Book Review


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