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“And you know I hate to leave it, There’s a beautiful world out there. Waiting for you.”

Verses, written by Jewel Caston-Mendoza, is an incredible collection of poetry—simply astounding. Verses, which is dedicated among others to all women who have been jaded at one point in their lives, has the inexplicable power to make women know they are not alone in their day to day challenges. The poems start with a beautiful masterpiece entitled “Wake up, little ones” in which I immediately felt the tender affections of a mother toward her children. Mendoza changes pace and the poems begin to radiate passion, love, and longing. “Your spirit was enormous, Your soul, So angelic, Your life, so purposeful” is one of many quotes from Mendoza’s writing that illustrates the intense, growing passion of the poetry. Verses doesn’t stop there, but rather continues to show some of the darker times and moments. Mendoza asks, “Why does my heart feel so heavy?” as she displays a more troubled collection of poems in the next chapter that beautifully illustrate hurt and pain. Mendoza then takes you on a journey of building strength, healing, passionate desires of love, hope, and even sexuality. Verses comes to an end with poetic verses of motivation and energy that function as a battle cry to the beautiful and strong women who will be reading this work.

As a lover of poetry I was intrigued by Verses, and to say the very least, it did not disappoint. I have never seen such passion in poetry as I found in the work of Jewel Caston-Mendoza. Verses took me on a journey, starting with a gentle and peaceful aura of motherhood, moving through passion, longing, pain, and suffering, and ending with great inspiration. Every woman needs to read Verses! This collection of beautifully written poems covers areas of womanhood that are often times not discussed or written about. Mendoza has accomplished something beautiful and daring that is certain to touch and inspire many. The last line of the book, “You can’t have my peace,” echoes in my mind as I consider the strength and resilience to overcome life’s great challenges. An outstanding read, beautiful work, Jewel Caston-Mendoza!


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