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Divorced but Still Dad-Ken Gordon

5/5 Stars

Reviewed by Joshua Soule for Readers' Favorite “You may be devastated by divorce because of bad character traits displayed by either you or your ex, but that doesn’t give you the right to not live up to the expectations of your children.” Ken Gordon has written a masterpiece—Divorced But Still Dad: The Faith Principles of Fatherhood for Divorced Men, a powerful piece of literature that provides guidance on how to be a father in the challenges of divorce. Divorced But Still Dad begins with Gordon accounting for his own personal experiences through a divorce, and the strategies he employed to continue to be a good father during this time. Gordon examines the potential reasons for a marriage to fail and follows up by providing guidance to divorce your spouse but not your children. Rev. Dr. Ken Gordon does not stop there, however; he intelligently articulates Bible-guided strategies for battling over property and financial assets, your role as a man as it pertains to your children and ex-spouse, handling the emotional trauma that will follow the divorce, and dating again the right way. On a personal level, I could not have connected more to Divorced But Still Dad. Author Ken Gordon’s education and experience undoubtedly shine through in his writing. I found Gordon’s use of scripture alongside personal experiences to be very inspirational and motivating. As a divorced father myself, quotes such as “It is easy to make excuses and buckle under the weight of a difficult task, but God is calling you to be a provider, protector and priest” are just as powerful to me today as they would have been during my divorce. I encourage all divorced fathers to read Divorced But Still Dad; in fact, I encourage all fathers to read it. Ken Gordon has provided this much-needed guidance at a critical time. An excellent read

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