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Skids by Jeremy Houghton

Written by Josh Soule for Reader’s Favorite

“The choice of this hell was a lot better than the hell we’d come from.”

Skids is the story of 18 year old James, who shares his story as a boy having experienced unimaginable events; from being sexuall exploited since the age of six, to being a runaway by the age of 10. In his efforts to survive on the streets, James has come in the company of other kids in the same boat as he, and the bond formed created the only real family they have ever experienced. This pseudo-family exists by using what they can to survive, primarily prositution and panhandling for sources of income, and a nightly routine of wishing for some relief and a normal life.

Author Jeremy Houghton begins this book with a note that although parts of this book may not be easy to read, they are realistic, and he hopes that reading it will help make a difference in some of the darkness of this world. Houghton has successfully put on paper the parts of life that most people are afraid to talk about. The difficult moments, the small joys and celebrations, and the hope I felt as I read this book were very real. Despite the horrific life, it is not the end for James, as worded in the story, “I’m truly sorry. None of you should have had to end up here. That’s not what God has planned for you.” It is apparent that Houghton has experienced and witnessed struggles similar to the ones found in Skids, but chosen to use them as a tool to help others. I absolutely recommend reading Skids by Jeremy Houghton. An excellent read!


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